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Rotary Wing Flight Dynamics

21 December 2017 - Travelling

The flight dynamics and sizing of helicopters intended for specific missions is an interesting one and with the growth in multi rotor drones and hybrid vehicles it has much scope for further work. After a brief look at various texts I have decided to develop a series of algorithms from the equations in the book “Principles of Helicopter Aerodynamics” by J. Gordon Leishman. Colleagues recommended different books and indeed a very advanced text examining rotor aeroelasticity due to my interest in the Hiller large tipjet powered helicopter. The potential of large helicopters such as this which feature jets on the fuselage as well opens up interesting opportunities for autogiro cruise modes for a very interesting vehicle overall. My aim will be to attempt to derive information regarding the hiller project and use them in the algorithms to better understand what the flight dynamics of such a large helicopter might be like. Hiller Monster Chopper Project Notebook